Our Tunes

A collection of original fiddle tunes. We'll be adding more recordings/videos, soon. All tunes copyright Suzanne Mead (unless otherwise noted).

Swaggertown -- Named for the road on which it was created. Sometimes we play this slow, then pick it up next time around.

Liam's Jig (c) 2006 S. Mead (Em) 

While visiting our newborn first grandson, I was practicing for a gig and began playing this unnamed tune out of habit.  It had been rolling around in my head for a few years but never took on a name.  It claimed its name, then and there - Liam's Jig. It's strong and happy, like him. (Cool note: A friend took the tune to Australia, where it's played in sessions and dances there.)


Hamilton's Gallop (S. Mead) -- (Jig in D.) Occasionally needing a three-part jig for a dance, I decided to write one rather than try and remember how "The Blarney Pilgrim" starts out. Hamilton's Gallop showed up. Needing a name, I got thinking about a dance we played for at Conkling Hall, Rensselaerville, NY, and how my brother and sister-in-law showed up for the night.  (In memory of Maryellen Hamilton).

Off to Carney's -- in honor of Rosemary & Bob Carney of Carney's Tavern, Ballston Lake, NY (a jam session favorite hangout). They got to dance to it on St. Patrick's Day the year before Bob's passing.

Jimmy James -- for my hubby :)

The "D" Thing -- Just couldn't come up with a name, but someone would say "hey, play that... you know,... that D thing...", and so we do.

Edmond's - Yes, it kinda sounds a bit like THAT Edmond, and since people kept saying "Play the Edmond tune," it just stuck.

Beggerman's Jig -- ya take a traditional reel and reshape it a tad (aka Red-Haired Boy as a jig).

Another Jig Will Do (Trad. 9/8 jig) / Another Reel Will Do (S. Mead) -- ironed out the bouncy bits of the traditional jig, and kicked it up to a reel level.

Guilderland Fling -- First real tune ever written, composed after my fiddle teacher took me to the first Old Songs concert in Guilderland Center, NY. I was so overwhelmed with the music and talent, that it was hard to decide if I should just burn my fiddle, or keep trying. Luckily, this happened.

Nothin' To Do -- I was bored, picked up the fiddle, and . . .

Toursday Night -- A six-tune concoction in honor of the Tuesday night jam session, Fiddlers' Tour (Bits of: Red-Haired Boy, Kitchen Girl, Devil's Dream, Soldier's Joy, Over the Waterfall, and a *hint* of Julia Delaney).

Skellington -- has a Halloweeny sound. Written after a Halloween dance downstate and I was noodling on the mandolin.

Southwest Chief -- Love traveling cross-country on the train and have taken AMTRAK's Southwest Chief several times. This can be played slowly, then gradually pick up speed each time around to hit that flat-out, run-the-rails tempo. Don't forget the train whistle!

Kitchee-koo Polka -- tickles my fancy.

Empty Nest -- the house is now yours! You can claim that extra bedroom as your work space . . . or maybe not. The "back and forth" of being a parent with young adults who move out and back a few times.

Turtle Convention -- I saw several turtles hanging out on a log at Ballston Lake.

Charlton Waltz -- Every town needs a waltz.

Strawberry Waltz -- I like strawberries. There's lots of tunes to create, and lots of other fruit . . . Hmm . . .