Traditional & Original Fiddle Tunes

TuneFolk offers a variety of traditional and original fiddle tunes -- lively jigs, rolling reels, stately marches and smooth waltzes (and maybe a song or two). Drawing from Celtic, Southern Old-time, Early American, French-Canadian, and original tunes, TuneFolk will set your feet -- and your heart -- a dancing!

We've picked, strummed and bowed our way through years of music and dance in coffeehouses, churches, dance halls, barns, camps and homes, for private and community events in the NY Capital Region, and throughout Eastern New York and Western New England.

Though we enjoy playing with other bands that we're a part of, we still like just being a duo, playing for the sheer joy of making music, be it Farmer Markets, barn dances, or wherever the music road takes us. If one person cracks a smile, dances a jig, or just moves a toe to the beat, it's worth the moment. There's nothing like watching people react to live music; react to something we've just created. It gets into their feet, then works its way up to a smile. It brings us joy to see others enjoy what we do.

We also host a Barn Dance in Charlton, NY -- at historic Harmony Hall, 1401 Peaceable St.  See our Barn Dance page for more details.