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Music Samples

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Liam's Jig - For our grandson, Liam
(c)2006 Suzanne Mead

This tune had been kicking around a bit, unnamed, as many new tunes are until they tell me their name. I was visiting our daughter and son-in-law in Maryland when Liam was born. Jim drove down the next day and we spent several days enjoying our new grandson. Jim had brought my fiddle and his guitar with him so we could practice for a dance we'd be playing for the day after we got back. I began playing this tune out of habit, and it claimed its name, then and there - Liam's Jig. It's a strong, happy tune, like the little guy. It's become a jam session and dance favorite. Cool note: A friend took the tune to Australia, where is it played for dances there.

MORE samples to come!