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Music Samples

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Liam's Jig (c) 2006 Suzanne Mead -- For our grandson, Liam. While visiting our newborn first grandson, I was practicing for a gig, and began playing this unnamed tune out of habit. It claimed its name, then and there - Liam's Jig. It's a strong, happy tune, like Liam. It's become a jam session and dance favorite. Cool note: A friend took the tune to Australia, where iit is played for dances there.

Hamilton's Gallop (S. Mead) / Out On The Ocean (Trad.) -- Needing a three-part jig for a dance, I decided to write one rather than try and remember how "The Blarney Pilgrim" started out. Hamilton's Gallop showed up, and I got thinking about a dance we played for at Conkling Hall, Rensselaerville, NY, and how my brother and sister-in-law had come to enjoy the music and dancing. Maryellen, new to dance, managed to keep up by nearly galloping through all the steps. Hence the name (in memory of Maryellen).

Video: Saratoga contra dance, Ballston Spa NY - Tamarack Band with guest Ed Lowman on fiddle

FIDDLE TUNES TO COME (All Tunes copyright Suzanne Mead, unless otherwise noted):

Off to Carney's -- in honor of Rosemary & Bob Carney of Carney's Tavern, Ballston Lake, NY (a jam session favorite hangout). They got to dance to it, on St. Patrick's Day, the year before Bob's passing.

Swaggertown -- Named for a local road. LIke to play this slow, then pick it up. Or as hornpipe.

Jimmy James -- for my hubby :)

The "D" Thing -- Just couldn't come up with a name ("hey, play that... you know,... that D tune...")

Edmond's - Yes, it kinda sounds a bit like THAT Edmond, and people kept saying "Play that Edmond tune."

Beggerman's Jig -- ya take a reel and reshape it a tad (Red-Haired will never be the same)

Another Jig Will Do (Trad. 9/8 jig) / Another Reel Will Do (S. Mead) -- ironed out the bouncy bits of the frist tune.

Guilderland Fling -- First real tune ever written.

Nothin' To Do -- I was bored, picked up the fiddle, and . . .

Toursday Night -- A six-tune concoction in honor of the Tuesday night jam session, Fiddlers' Tour (Bits of: Red-Haired Boy, Kitchen Girl, Devil's Dream, Soldier's Joy, Over the Waterfall, and a *hint* of Julia Delany)

Skellington -- has a Halloweeny sound. Started out as "April Fool's" (from snow on April 1) but that didn't fit. Then became "Leftovers" (because I don't often use some of those notes), and that didn't fit (hate it when a tune rejects its name). Finally, after a Halloween dance downstate and noodling on the mandolin, it smiled and said, "that's it."

Southwest Chief -- Have ridden the Rails on this several times. In honor of the train.

Kitchee-koo Polka -- tickles my fancy.

Empty Nest -- the love/hate of having them grow up and away.

Turtle Convention -- written after a hike by the lake, because, well, how many turtles CAN you fit on a log?

Charlton Waltz -- Every town needs a waltz.

Strawberry Waltz -- so, I like strawberries. There's lots of tunes, and lots of other fruit...hmm...

And.... will add them as I find/write them.