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Harvest Barn Dance, Harmony Hall 2010. Photo: H. Eskin

TuneFolk & Friends - Harmony Hall Barn Dance Spring 2011, Charlton, NY.

When we first saw the 100+yr old Harmony Hall, we thought "We have to have a dance here!" So, we started a community barn dance, twice a year, and plan to have many more. Patricia Kernan and Mike Noonan joined us on flute and bodhran.

Charlton Founder's Day - at Freehold Church, on the main road through town. Good spot for music, pie, crafts, pie, burgers & hotdogs, pie, meeting fellow townfolk, and a good seat for the town parade. Did we mention pie?

(Below) The Tamarack Band -- Music for wedding at the Buhrmaster Barn, at the Pruyn House in Loudonville, NY. Patricia Kernan on flute.

Our other band, The Fireflies Band (below) - Playing for a contra dance at Conkling Hall, in Rensselaerville, NY. Caller Paul Rosenberg, with Jim Broden on fiddle, and Patricia Kernan on flute.